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Hello and welcome to our online
Citi-Tunes music tour in Helsinki
Eino Leino small
Eiran Sairaala2
Uspenski-Cathedral from South-East

Sometimes, there is no time to travel, the budget is tight, or other reasons like a Covid-19 pandemic prevent us from going to where we want to go. Fortunately, we live in the digital age. So, I have created a virtual version of my Citi-Tunes music tour for you to explore Helsinki from wherever you are on the planet.


What is it all about?


I am sure you have music in your life that is intimately connected to an event, an experience or a significant person? You hear the music and it takes you right back to what happened? The same holds true for cities. In every city, one can find music that has inspired history, and eventful times from which music was born. Music has power and I am fascinated by Finnish music and how it has shaped the fate of the country. In my music tours in Helsinki, we walk the streets and visit the sights while listening to the tunes and stories of those "musical moments". 

Now, you can explore Helsinki in this way without even leaving your couch. 

Join my free sample tour in Helsinki:

  • A selection of 5 sights, background stories, and a little bit of history.

  • Carefully chosen photos of every object 

  • Unique music pieces from Finland (shortened for copyright reasons, full length in the complete tour)

It's free and easy. All you have to do is:

  • Register yourself as a free user and enjoy the tour on your device!

For technical and copyright reasons, the tours are securely stored in a membership area.

We value your privacy and we will not send spam to your e-mail.

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